Personal Computer Support
I have successfully attained certification to demonstrate my ability & compentence in working with, troubleshooting, maintaining & fully supporting personal computers running any version of Windows™ from 95 to Windows 7.
Data Backup & Secure Storage
Backing up your files is a great first step to ensure you never lose anything! Sure you could save to a folder on your desktop and have 2 copies, or even to an external drive. However, having a backup that's stored in a different location all-together is the safest way to ensure your information is always recoverable in the even of fire, flooding or theft!
While IT By Me is capable of managing a multitude of tasks; troubleshooting, maintaining, configuring and optimizing personal computers (PCs) is by far our strength.
From software installations, operating system installation/configuration, home networking setups and data backup to upgrades and optimizations, ITByMe will ensure whatever task you need accomplished, will get done safely, securely & affordably.
Fees have been waived! I REPEAT, THERE IS NO FEE TO CLEAN/OPTIMIZE AND FIX SMALL PROBLEMS REMOTELY. I would however, appreciate a donation for my time. Request your remote tune-up By calling one of the phone numbers found in the top/left corner of this website.
If neither number is a local call for you, click contact scott in the top-right corner and send an email to the address posted.
35mm Slide & Developed Film Conversion
If you have old film negatives laying around that you would like to convert into digital photos, let me do the conversions and help you keep those memories alive!
Rewind to the 50s 60s & 70s and I can do the same for mounted slides! High resolution digital images from yourself, your parents or your grandparents, brought to life again to pass down to future generations!
Web & Graphic Design
Whether it's a company logo, business cards, a website or an image for your existing website, let me present my ideas and we can work together on turning your idea into a final product to help yourself or your company grow.

Read more to view some examples of my work.