Think you're protected?
Regardless of which methods you use to archive your data, there is always the possibility of data-loss. Click to read some ideas to remain best protected.

Online storage/backup services are another option as long as the material isn't highly confidential. Check out some options and read reviews on these services.
Which backup method is right for you
Depending on several variables such as the storage requirements for your data, the level of security required to be implemented to protect your data and the length of time I will be required to store your data, the cost of file storage by ITByMe will vary. Please read more for some details.
Data Backup & Secure Storage
Help me with my first priority
IT By Me is commited to keeping your data safe, secure & private. By allowing me to backup your information on a secure drive that is not attached to your computer system, nor kept in your establishment, you can trust that should a disaster strike, you can rely on IT By Me to recover any critical documents & programs.

Already have a backup solution? If it's backing up to the same drive or even another drive that is kept in the same building, is it safe from a flood, fire or theft? Keeping your backup offsite is an additional level of data protection.
Whether I am physically storing your hardware or storing your data on my hardware, keping your property safe & protected from theft or prying eyes is my main priority.
"Can I have you store some of my stuff?"
Absolutely. If disk space is an issue, I can stow your data on my hardware for any amount of time you require." Read more" for my storage terms and cost.
"Will my data be safe with you?"
I too keep a backup of all of my client backups because I know, with digital data, there are many ways data can be lost. Data can be lost from things such as human error, static electricity, hardware faults etc.