35mm Mounted Slide Conversion
If you have any mounted slides laying around that you can't properly view without holdijng up to a light a squinting your eyes, I am able to take those mounted slides and convert them to high resolution, quality digital images. I can even make a slideshow and burn it to a DVD for viewing on your television! At $0.65 per slide, I am probably the most affordable option around.
Developed Picture Conversion
I can scan your developed pictures, retouch them and save them as digital images to store on a computer or other digital media such as CD, DVD, Flash Drive, Hard Drive etc.
Preserve Your Memories
35mm slides, remember those? Some of you will be thinking 35mm film rolls. Well before we had automated cameras that used 35mm film strips, People had to develop and mount individual film negatives into a cardboard or plastic housing and view the images on a screen or a wall. I can convert those slides into high resolution digital pictures
If you have pictures already developed and would like them scanned and saved as digital images, I can do this at a fraction of the cost of other companies.
In the box beside those mounted slides, you might also find some VHS cassette tapes. Remember that old VCR? I can convert videos stored on VHS tapes to digital format for storage on CD or DVD. Whether it's Hollywood movies or family videos. Let's get them onto a DVD so you can watch them again



Developed Negative Conversion
If you have any film strips left over from the days of the 35mm camera. I can turn the content on those film strips into viewable, high quality digital images. I can also save them in any digital image format to store on your computer or other media such as CD/DVD or a USB Flash drive
VHS to DVD Conversion
If you want to preserve any videos you have on VHS tapes, I can convert them to DVD format for playback in a DVD player. I won't be able to improve the quality of the videos, how they play now is how they will play afterwards. But on a DVD player.